Neels has graced the pages of Vogue and Fashionisto, and has opened Fashion Shows — owning the runway for many brands. But before the South African/Dutch model got his early start, he was an 8-year-old business owner operating his very own car wash! A tenacity for business and hard-work are not foreign to Neels, and despite his boyish good looks, he has an organically strong foundation. One composed of a willingness to synergize and manifest alongside a strong entourage, coupled with a solid business know-how, and most importantly a strong core of ethics and values. Early on, Neels fell in love with the idea of travelling the globe while spreading his work as a model and DJ, but most importantly his inspirational words to “live the way you want, because you can.” While most aspire, Neels inspires— through his full-throttle drive to do what it takes to succeed, never veering from the path of constant growth and self-development.