Where most kids his age are stuck debating which college major to declare, Ohio native Jake Paul runs furiously in the direction of his dreams. Dreams that are proving relatable to his 15 million social media followers, through his 4 billion video views. And this is certainly just the beginning for the young mogul. With his social media game strong, Jake also lends his efforts to the acting world — starring as “Dirk” on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark, “Lance” in the YouTube Red Original Movie Dance Camp, and “Dugan” on Fox Digital’s new movie Mono. Jake is the eternal jock, with a goofy heart of gold, and an unparalleled work-ethic. Jake’s business mind keeps him pouring hours into his entrepreneurial endeavors — from expanding on his social media outreach, to pushing the envelope on content-creation, and even developing ancillary apps on his downtime (of which there is very little). Jake Paul is certainly someone to watch, as the future of social media seems to rest in his hands.