Alissa bought a one-way flight, Ohio to Los Angeles, at 18 years old — trading the small-town backyard fashion shows for a spread in Italian Vogue. Alissa doesn’t tire when it comes to her pursuit of modeling, acting, and making people laugh. And she is definitely not your typical gorgeous face — she is adventurous AF and can still be one of the boys, all while working to expand her brand and continue pushing for success. She began dancing at 2 years old, so it’s not surprising that she’s as athletic and willing to learn, as she is beautiful. While she could very likely walk the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, Alissa’s desires rest on creating her very own empire. Alissa has held onto her lifelong tradition of embracing inner-beauty and constantly being herself — planning to continue rising in prominence in all areas of influence, encouraging everyone to embrace their unique sense of self.