With 952K new followers in under 4 months, Alex is taking the social media scene by storm. Since his growth spurt, Alex has been pounding the pavement and was rewarded with some pretty rad opportunities, including streaming for ZapStream and modeling for Brandy USA and Subdued. Alex has also booked a CAP Tour where he meets fans across the USA and parts of Canada in Summer of 2016, and a Netflix Behind the Scenes special to come. The young talent is bilingual, with fluency in both French and English, and he’s working on his Spanish — he was born in Paris, raised in London, and presently a Los Angeles local. Alex is a self-proclaimed “classic teenage boy” — striking a love affair with sports, family, his dog, and traveling. The rising-star has always had a real passion for theater and film, and is really interested in doing the entirety of social media alongside his Team 10 family, spreading fun and adventurous cool vibes to the world.