AJ Mitchell hails from Illinois, where he has worked tirelessly to develop his lifelong passion for music. AJ knew music was his forte from the earliest memories of watching his father play piano. At 4 years old AJ got his fingers on the piano keys, at 6 he was writing his own tunes, and today he has amassed 30 original tracks! AJ was of the only freshmen to be selected for the top choir at his school, keeping his creative juices flowing with performances at coffee shops and local bars. AJ’s deep-seated versatility spans beyond his diverse music catalogue— he is also a skilled athlete, with an award for the fastest runner of the 100 meter dash. While he’s competitive and holds himself to high standards, he remains humble and truly open to growth through all areas of the entertainment industry. He gets the deepest satisfaction from watching the audience enjoy his music, and can’t wait to see his talents flourish alongside his Team 10 crew.